Interferon Drug Shows Promise in Treating Ebola

A pilot study of a class of drugs used to treat hepatitis and some forms of multiple sclerosis has been shown for the first time to ease symptoms of Ebola patients, while also increasing their survival.
Mar 21 / 2017

New Hope for Parkinson’s as Elusive Proteins Come to Light

Study reveals a breadth of new drug targets for neurological conditions and opens the door to a greater understanding of the way in which common medications work.
Mar 16 / 2017

Project Management for Kids

For children with behavioural and learning challenges, getting ready for the day ahead can be a struggle. Waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast and heading out the door on time is never a guarantee.
Mar 16 / 2017

FemSTEM: Bridging the Gender Gap in Health Innovation

Women trying to enter the health innovation sector may find they face a gender gap, whether it's trying to secure venture financing or finding networking or mentoring opportunities. U of T alumna and Dot Health founder Huda Idrees is trying to address these challenges through FemSTEM, a panel discussion hosted by the Health Innovation Hub.
Mar 9 / 2017


UofT Medicine
Can an app replace an in-person post-op Dr’s visit? #UofTMed’s @DrJohnSemple says it can sometimes be a good option
UofT Medicine
Strep bacteria is very common, but can sometimes turn dangerous. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself:
UofT Medicine
#StemCells have a lot of potential uses, including treating spinal cord injuries, #UofT study finds

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