Speaking up for Young Scientists

The recent report from the Advisory Panel on Federal Support for Fundamental Science, made public last week, is essential reading for all in our community. It provides a bracing review of the state of Canadian research and where we stand relative to our counterparts.
Apr 19 / 2017

Pioneering Study Shows Large Differences in Probiotic Yogurt Health Benefits

A University of Toronto study, the first of its kind, reveals that not all probiotic yogurts were created equal. Professor Mary L'Abbe
Apr 18 / 2017

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: The Spiderman Bacteria

Lyme disease is carried by ticks, but according to new research by a team in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
Apr 17 / 2017

Cloud Computing is Changing Autism Research

Scientists in the world’s largest autism genomics study — a cloud-based data project called MSSNG — recently identified 18 new genes that increase risk for the condition. Professor Stephen Scherer is the senior investigator for MSSNG, and he spoke about how the project is enabling a new kind of open science on autism, and what needs to happen next for big data to deliver on its potential to treat the most baffling medical conditions.
Apr 13 / 2017


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How can universities make #Ontario better? Share your thoughts @futuringON #futuring
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#Malaria is a huge #globalhealth concern; the world’s first vaccine is about to be tested in Africa @WHO
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#UofTMed Prof @docdanielle weighs in on #Ontario’s plan to cover prescription drugs for those under 25 @CBCNews

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