Dalon Taylor: Taking on Race and Health

The Black Health Alliance (BHA) is working to improve health outcomes for Black Canadians, who have unique and often underserved medical needs. Dalon P.
Feb 9 / 2017

New Patent Targets "Brain Fog"

Twenty years of meticulous research has led to a new United States patent for a University of Toronto anaesthesiology expert.
Feb 9 / 2017

Unlocking the Researcher in Every Physician

It’s impossible to separate the practice of medicine from medical research. Research discoveries broaden our understanding of health and disease, identify new prevention strategies and diagnostic tools, and present new therapies that guide the care we provide. At the same time, our engagement with patients raises new questions that research can answer.
Feb 7 / 2017

Pap Quiz: When Were You Last Screened?

Cervical cancer is highly curable if it’s caught early. But across Canada, screening rates for the disease vary wildly. Recent immigrants and women who live in low-income neighbourhoods, in particular, are much less likely to get screened than other Canadians. Why?
Feb 6 / 2017


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#UofTMed Prof Nancy Durand explains the difference between low-risk & high-risk #HPV & how you can protect yourself

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