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A More Powerful Way to Develop Therapeutics?


Envisioning the Future of Neuropathology

Order of Canada Medal

Order of Canada

Three Faculty of Medicine Members to Receive Canada’s Highest Honor

Let's Do What Can't Be Done.

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UofTMed — Summer 2016

What makes for a really good mystery? Find out.

From the Dean

Dean Trevor Young,


Taking Pride in Care for LGBTQ+ Community

With all the celebrations and rainbow flags marking Toronto’s Pride Month — including our own #DisplayYourPride installation at MSB — it’s easy to believe that the prejudice and stigma that once surrounded the LGBTQ+ community is just a historical footnote.

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Mondays in The Star:

Doctor's Notes (Preview)

Thinking holistically about kids’ health

The more we study the conditions that straddle mental and physical health, the more we realize just how interconnected they are.


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Some tips on maintaining healthy bones as you age @TorontoStar
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Watch how #superbugs are created and why misusing antibiotics can make them stronger @statnews: @sayhitohyacinth
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Symposium by @thesgconline will explore better models for drug testing predictive of clinical outcome. More info:
M is for Mystery
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What makes for a really good mystery?
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