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Welcome to the resources page for the Faculty of Medicine’s mentorship programs. Here you will find information and links for both mentors and mentees.

About Mentorship

Mentorship is a great way for students to gain valuable professional skills as they head out on their chosen career paths. Through a process of student self-assessment and regular interaction, students develop practical steps toward success.  Mentors and mentees alike benefit from the mentorship experience. In most instances, the relationship built results in a positive impact that goes far beyond expectations.

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General Mentoring Tips

Mentorship Programs in the Faculty of Medicine

There are three mentorship programs currently available in the Faculty of Medicine. Please note application deadlines and requirements differ between programs.

Department of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) 

DNS Mentorship Program - Mentor Application

DNS Mentorship Program - Mentee Application

MD/PhD Program

MD/PhD Longitudinal Mentorship Program - Mentor Application

MD/PhD Longitudinal Mentorship Program - Mentee Application

MD/PhD Mentee Checklist

Life Sciences Career Development Society (LSCDS)

LSCDS Mentorship Program - Mentor Application

LSCDS Mentorship Program - Mentee Application (Applications are being accepted from Aug. 22 - Sept. 7)

Information for Mentors

One of the best ways you can assist your mentee is by preparing him or her for an informational interview . An informational interview is a meeting where an individual connects with an industry expert to acquire professional advice and expand their network. Learn more about informational interviews. (PDF)

Another helpful link:

Top 10 Tips for Mentors

Information for Mentees

The University of Toronto's Career Centre has a wide selection of online and in-person resources available to students. The best place to get started is on their "Resumes, Cover Letters, etc" page. Then, take a moment to review their other online resources, including the following:

  • Information on Resumes
  • How to Write a Great Cover Letter
  • Get tips about how to find the job you want
  • Learn more about how to prep for a job Interview
  • Learn about specific advice and sessions for students who are looking to continue in academia

When meeting with your mentor, remember that you need to prepare a meeting agenda to ensure that you get the most out of the discussion. Click here to download an Agenda template. (DOC)

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