Dinah Hampson at the Rio Olympics

Meet UofTMed Physiotherapist Behind the Scenes at Rio Olympics

LIFT Annoucement

$40M to Modernize Medical Sciences Building

Philip M. Kim

A More Powerful Way to Develop Therapeutics?

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UofTMed — Summer 2016

What makes for a really good mystery? Find out.

From the Dean

Dean Trevor Young,


MSB Moves into the 21st Century

Parking and admin support. I’ve often joked that these are what people really care about at work. Then there is workspace itself.

Volumes have been written on the impact of the built environment on health, wellbeing and productivity. We all know firsthand how natural light, colour, open space and good design can impact our experience in buildings. And we all intuitively know when it’s time for a renovation.

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Mondays in The Star:

Doctor's Notes (Preview)

Psychiatric demands outpacing supply

Rural areas will suffer as older doctors retire.


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@docmikeevans talks "Subjective Well-Being", aka happiness, in his latest whiteboard video. https://t.co/kCmg8eaqeN
UofT Medicine
Getting out to play with your kids, it will keep them healthy https://t.co/RAP53HxUDU
UofT Medicine
The science behind what makes us happy from @docmikeevans https://t.co/kCmg8eaqeN
M is for Mystery
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What makes for a really good mystery?
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