2016 Dean's Report

Dean's Report 2016

Genetic sequencers

Toronto Emerges as Big Data Hotspot

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From the Dean

Dean Trevor Young,


Measuring Our Impact

I am pleased to share with you the 2016 Dean’s Report, which went “live” today. It describes how, over the past year, we in the Faculty of Medicine have advanced our strategic priorities. We do this through big and bold projects, but also through smaller, incremental activities. Some of this has been driven by institutional leadership, some inspired by our partners and friends, while the rest has happened thanks to the initiative of our students, faculty and staff.

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Doctor's Notes (Preview)

Toronto is emerging as a centre for genetic exploration

Genetic testing can identify disease and could one day be used to edit flaws right out of our genomes.


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“Genetic fairness is an intrinsic right.” #UofTMed Profs explain why we need a law to prevent genetic discrimination https://t.co/lu00VJGpqK
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Why ending #AIDS means prolonging life for those with #HIV - #UofTMed Prof Stephanie Nixon @H_S_Global https://t.co/EZDeZY94ca #HSR2016
UofT Medicine
Seeing the beauty in genomics with #UofTMed’s Dr. Stephen Scherer: https://t.co/uC0AlQOHmu @SickKidsNews
Is a Cure for Alzheimers Within Reach?
Impact Story:
Is a cure for Alzheimer’s within reach?
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