Grant Development

Research proposal writing, editing and developing

The Vice Dean, Research and Innovation Office provides a grant editing service to on-campus Faculty of Medicine researchers. The Office prioritizes CIHR/NSERC grants for editorial review, but will review other types of proposals on an ad hoc basis during off-peak times of the year. Hospital-based off-campus investigators should explore grant writing support options made available to them by their hospitals. In addition, our office can provide off-campus investigators with freelance editorial contacts.

The Faculty of Medicine strongly encourages investigators to take advantage of this service. 

Please contact: 

Daniel Harney, PhD
Grants and Awards Editor (416) 978-3488

What Do We Do?

  • Provide writing and editing support for all grant proposals to any funding agency, from single-investigator to major multi-researcher pan-institutional applications
  • Ensure applications clearly demonstrate the IMPACT of the research
  • Reorganize for most effective content and structure
  • Clarify meaning, polish language, improve readability
  • Correct grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation
  • Ensure proposals adhere to agency formatting guidelines

What Are Our Goals?

  • Improve grant success and INCREASE FUNDING for researchers. Grants we edit are more apt to be funded than those not edited (41% success rate on edited grants vs. 27% overall Faculty of Medicine success rate for the last CIHR OOGP)
  • Enable researchers to apply for more funding with better prepared materials

How Long Does Editing Take?

  • About a day to edit a 10-page grant but can take longer depending on level of input
  • Edited proposals returned with as speedy turn-around time as possible – in time for the researcher to review editorial suggestions prior to agency deadline

What Don't We Do?

  • Arrange scientific peer reviews - conducted through departments or divisions
  • Verify budgets
  • Edit references

Please contact as soon as possible if you would like to take advantage of the grant development service.



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