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CIHR Project Grants - Spring 2017

  • CIHR Project Grant Program: Spring 2017 Competition. Information for UofT, Faculty of Medicine, campus-based applicants. If you: a) will be submitting a proposal to this competition, b) will be administering your grant through a unit within the Faculty of Medicine, and c) wish to receive an editorial review of your proposal from our office, we ask that you submit your draft proposal to Grants and Awards Editor Daniel Harney – – by Tuesday May 23rd. We acknowledge that this is ahead of the registration deadline (May 30th), but with CIHR only giving two weeks between the registration and application deadlines, this internal deadline is essential to allow time for a proper review. Please note that CIHR's anticipated notice of decision for the Fall 2016 competition is May 15, 2017.
    • CIHR registration deadline: May 30, 2017
    • CIHR submission deadline: June 13, 2017

CIHR Foundation Grants - 2017-2018 Competition


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PLEASE NOTE: Our office requires a minimum of 24 hours to review and approve applications in MRA (My Research Applications)

On Campus


IMPORTANT: Faculty are strongly encouraged to submit their CIHR applications for both editorial and scientific review. The combination of sciencific review and editorial review is the most effective way to increase the probability of funding success.

FMRO provides editorial reviews free of charge for St. George campus-based researchers, please contact the editors as soon as possible. Click here for details.

The Departments with web-based information on their scientific review process are:

Department of Medicine
Department of Physiology
Department of Physical Therapy (Vice Chair Research, Dr. Susan Jaglal, reviews all grants submitted by junior faculty.)

Researchers in other Departments should contact their own Department for assistance.

IMPORTANT! BRIDGE FUNDING: Those researchers on the St. George campus who may be eligible to apply for bridge funding following an unsuccessful research application MUST have had both scientific and editorial reviews prior to submission.

Emergency bridge funding guidelines

Emergency bridge funding form 

My Research Applications (MRA). Applicants MUST have submitted their application information online via the My Research Applications portal. This is an online submission process to obtain institutional approval on research applications. Please note that you will be required to upload a copy of the application to this online submission. Please complete this step as early as possible and at least several days ahead of the deadline to insure all approvals are obtained on time. Please visit the OVPRI's MRA webpage for complete information an this process

Please note there are still two elements to a research application at the University of Toronto: your proposal to the sponsor, and University approval to apply. MRA facilitates University approval to apply, replacing the RIS Application Attachment form (aka Blue form). MRA does not replace the need to submit your final proposal to the sponsor. 

Dean's Letter of Support for Career Awards

Clinician Scientist Training AwardClinician Scientist Salary Award, and New Investigator Salary Award applications require letters of support from the Dean of Faculty, as well as documentation from the Chair of the applicant's University Department.

Where required, the Letter of the Dean will be provided through the Faculty of Medicine Research Office. Please contact Daniel Harney or 416-978-3488 at least 10 working days in advance of the agency deadline.

Off Campus

Principal investigators located at hospitals must consult with the hospital research office at the administrative site of a grant. For further information on applications that must be administered through the University please contact Cindy Faber, tel: 416-978-5834 

Dean's Letter of Support for Career Awards

Clinician Scientist Training Award, Clinician Scientist Salary Award, and New Investigator Salary Award  applications being submitted through hospital research institutes should contact their institution's hospital research office for guidance, as the Letter from the Dean will be provided by the hospital's Vice President, Research.



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