MedEmail October 2, 2013

Our Faculty of Medicine strategic plan is student-centered and commits to the best possible experience through institutional support, both academic and financial, and innovation that enable our students to become societal leaders of transformational change. Every student should have the opportunity to take advantage of our unique learning environment with it incredible breadth and depth of scholarship across disciplines.

MedEmail October 17, 2013

The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine is recognized across Canada and around the world as a leader in health and biomedical research. Our faculty members on campus and across the affiliated hospitals hold over 10,000 research grants and awards. Among public universities in North America, Thomson-Reuters ranks U of T first for research publications and third for citations in the category of Health and Life Sciences.

MedEmail October 30, 2013

Founded in 1843 as a school of medicine, our Faculty of Medicine has established a reputation for excellence and has continually attracted outstanding health science educators, researchers, staff and students. Over many generations our commitment to building a better environment for learners and improving health care through discovery and application of new knowledge has created a legacy of success second to none in Canada. It is important that we document our history to be inspired by the accomplishments of our predecessors and encouraged to boldly envision our future.

Life In Toronto

On the Bookshelf: Fall 2013

On the Bookshelf


Partnership for Excellence: Medicine at the University of Toronto and Academic Hospitals

Edward Shorter
Department of Psychiatry
Publisher: University of Toronto Press

From Books to the Balkans

H. JaegerHow a decorated Surgeon General represents U of T Medicine in the Canadian Forces.

Few people have served nearly four decades in the Canadian Armed Forces. Fewer of these are doctors.

On the Road to Health: Q&A with Sheila Wijayasinghe

Sheila Wijayasinghe

How a mobile health unit is breaking dow​n barriers for immigrant women.

Sheila Wijayasinghe began a career in medicine with dreams of supporting humanitarian health efforts abroad. But after working on three continents, she realized she could make a lasting impact on global health in her own community.

Opening the Circle

Wheelchair at Airport

Campaign Spotlight: From Concrete Jungle to Kalahari Desert

How donor support is helping a fourth-year medical student pursue global education.

Stephanie Dreckmann

Early one morning at a Peruvian hospital, doctors, nurses, volunteers and patients gather to sing a cheerful tune. Following the song, the bustling clinic begins. Fourth-year U of T medical student Stephanie Dreckmann was one of the voices.

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