Beyond “Relentless Optimism”: UofTMed Magazine Survey

You spoke and we heard you. A huge thank you to UofTMed magazine readers for taking our online survey in June.
Sep 22 / 2017

New Fund for UofTMed Graduate Students on Health Leave

John Choi knew he was ill. His legs and feet had begun to swell the week before, and now his shoes wouldn’t fit. He was exhausted and seeing blood in his urine. A doctor told him to go straight to the emergency room.
Sep 22 / 2017

Journalist to Scientists: Help Us Help You

The future of basic science funding and how science journalism can support it was top of mind at the Department of Biochemistry’s 2017 George Connell Lecture-Dinner, featuring The Globe and Mail’s science writer, Ivan Semeniuk.
Sep 21 / 2017

Faces of U of T Medicine: Stephanie Zhou

When Stephanie Zhou published her opinion piece, Underprivilege as Privilege in the Journal of the American Medical Association, she had no idea how strongly it would resonate — with both  her peers and practicing physicians. 
Sep 18 / 2017


UofT Medicine
The key to understanding and treating dyslexia may be in the eyes:
UofT Medicine
RT : Gord Downie's legacy extends beyond his music. He raised unprecedented awareness for glioblastoma. Our condolences…
UofT Medicine
Skip the all-nighters, sleep will do more to boost performance than last minute cramming:

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Burnout, suicide, depression, and the emotional effects of mistakes. We address physician wellness in the next issue of UofTMed magazine, out May 30.

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