MD Mentorship Program - Mentor Application

The U of T MedAlumni Office and the Class of 1T8 are launching The Faculty of Medicine Alumni Mentorship Program. This is a fantastic way for students to connect with MD alumni in a one on one conversation. For students, this is an opportunity to receive advice and insight into the field of medicine and grow a professional network. For alumni, this is a great way to support student success. Above and beyond specializations, the mentorship program helps students build a meaningful professional relationship with an experienced physician.

The Faculty of Medicine Alumni Mentorship Program is open to 3rd and 4th year MD students.
All MD alumni are eligible to be mentors.

The program runs from August until December with alumni mentors and student mentees meeting at least once. Click the attachment below to read the program guidelines.

PDF iconMD Mentorship Program Guidelines.pdf

Please fill out the information below to help us conect you with a student.

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