Dean's Advisory Group


The Dean’s Advisory Group (DAG) provides advice and feedback to the Dean on a wide variety of issues tabled by the Dean and/or other members of the Committee. Items that have been discussed by the DAG may proceed to the most appropriate committee of departmental chairs for approval/information. The DAG meets monthly during the academic year.  

Current membership:

Trevor Young, Dean, Faculty of Medicine (Chair)
Glen Bandiera, Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
John Bohnen, Senior Advisor to the Dean on Clinical Affairs
Sam Chan, Director, Information Technology
Meg Connell, Director, Office of the Dean
Nancy Edwards, Chief Financial Officer
Alison Freeland, Associate Dean, Medical Education (Regional)
Sara Gottlieb, Legal Counsel
Gillian Hawker, Chair, Department of Medicine
Richard Hegele, Vice Dean, Research & Innovation
Patricia Houston, Vice Dean, MD Program
Allan Kaplan, Vice Dean, Graduate & Academic Affairs
Darina Landa, Executive Director of Advancement
Tim Neff, Chief Administrative Officer
Leslie Nickell, Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Justin Nodwell, Chair, Department of Biochemistry
Johanne Provencal, Assistant Provost, Health Sciences Sector
Linda Quattrin, Executive Director, Communications
Jean Robertson, Director, Human Resources
Lisa Robinson, Chief Diversity Officer
Norman Rosenblum, Associate Dean, Physician Scientist Training
Suzan Schneeweiss, Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development
Sal Spadafora, Vice Dean, Post MD Education
Heather Taylor, Director, Facilities Management and Space Planning
Pascal van Lieshout, Chair, Department of Speech-Language Pathology
Lynn Wilson, Vice Dean, Partnerships


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